Sunday, July 12, 2009

Felting with Barbara Carr

Above is the beautiful scarf Theresa Laursen was making today at the Art Clinic- Felting with Barbara Carr. Theresa (below) is a fabulous designer. We have seen her incredable metal clay pieces so this felt scarf is is not a surprise!!!
Below, Syd is rolling the piece at least 100 times as advised by Barbara Carr who lead the class.
It is a great upper arm workout with stunning results!!
My lovely and talented daughter Ruth brought me along as her assistent- in the muscle department as she needs no help in design. Doesn't she have a great color sense?

Below, Jennifer Moreno is creating a wonderful tree scene. This is another one I am inspired by.

Below, Colleen is making a wonderful wall hanging for her son's abode.
Below, Barbara is giving advice to Suky, (who by the way is another great designer. Suky put a bird on her scarf, sorry I don't have a good picture. She has it on her flickr site I'm sure.)
I highly recommend this class as felting is fun, easy and so very pleasing, plus you get a good workout!!!!

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FELT 4U said...

Looks great fun an vibrant colors. Enjoy