Sunday, December 8, 2013

We are sad over here....

For those who have not heard...

Carol Kemp and Syd McCutcheon are closing the Art Clinic end of December after 7 years.

We are really sad but events in our lives are keeping us too busy to run the Art Clinic and as the saying goes,

"As one door closes, another opens".

We have had so many amazing experiences in this space.

  So glad we have some photos to help us remember all the good times.

After 7 years we have collect quite a lot of art making stuff which we cannot take with us.

We are having a basement sale Saturday Dec. 14 & 15 10-3pm

Art, beads, furniture, books, ephemera,frames, art materials

Come help us say good bye to the Art Clinic,

for a potluck holiday party on Friday Dec. 13, 6pm

Syd says:  What will I  miss the most?  I will miss the community of artists with all the show and tell and lots of laughing.

It has been a Thursday meeting place for nearly 7 years. And I will miss the large space.

To have a spot to spread out that is six  6 foot tables has been great...and I can fill up those tables all by myself...

Carol says: What an incredible journey.

It has been fantastic to have had the honor of hosting

so many people in workshops in our space,
all the wonderful people we have met, all the friendships forged.

 I have to reiterate what Syd said about filling up tables-

what a luxury to be able to spread out and work free.

Love and blessings to you all.

We will keep our e-mail list and if we have any workshops

or info we think you might like to know we will post to you. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Had a great workshop/playday with the iCAN artists last week.  So fun to work with them...

they just take off on their own art adventure.  I only need to give a small push...Thanks for coming!!

Friday, August 23, 2013


Boy....Carol and I are really bad at keeping this up to date but actually we have been really busy this summer in other areas.
   The main reason to post at this time is to just let people know that the Art Clinic Art Day, every Thurs., is going to be for a shorter time for awhile.   It will be from 1:30 until 3-ish every Thurs.  Those of you that have keys are free to come use the studio any time as usual.

We are gearing up for more classes this fall with hopefully some exciting guest artists.  If you have any "wants"  please email us and let us know.

 We usually post our classes on our email list.  If you are not on it or not sure if you are on it email Carol.  She is the list "master"  ...  so stay tuned....

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Stamp carving...

We had a great rubber stamp carving project day Sat.  All our students did amazing art.  Totally awesome day!  Thanks everybody!!