Thursday, March 21, 2013

April Project Day

Sat.  April 13

 10 to 3

with lunch break

 Fee: donation

  In this class we will construct a fun little creature

from a construction element called a dobie

(I changed the name to “Dobby”).

With simple cheap materials I will show you how to create

your Dobby vision using an easy paper mache technique,

 some paint and magazine findings.

 I plan to just give you the suggestion of possibilities,

a few tricks and you will take it from there.

I will supply you with a kit with most the supplies in it.
       What to Bring:

small box

cheap tin foil

a couple sheets of thin-ish paper like

  newsprint, napkins or tissue,

(paper can have print or text etc.)

magazine pages with faces

small paint brushes

masking tape


embellishments such as:

  ribbon, small bunch of flowers,

feathers,beads, charms

color copies of small face

parts of familiar people

fabric scraps, felt, needle & thread

 a sketch or idea of your “vision”


Syd McCutcheon   AKA Sheep Floozy