Monday, May 21, 2012

project Saturday- getting plastered, printing, also Precious Metal Clay class

Project Saturday

May 26th- 11am - ?

Get Plastered with Syd

Syd and friends explore ways to use

plaster of Paris in your mixed media projects.

Donations are appreciated.

Everything is provided but to speed things up, you might want to bring: watercolors, small brushes, polymer clay like sculpty, exacto knife (adults only) and small flat-ish objects to make a mold from.

Metal Clay 

Saturday, June 16th,  9-4PM

Fee $125  includes Fine Silver Clay

and everything needed

to create beautiful charms and pendants.

$45 for Studio use-

Let me know if you need clay ASAP

As I need to order by 6/1/12

To sign-up and for more information call
(805) 588-0876
or write Carol Kemp  
Metal clay is fine particles of 99.9% fine silver,
which when combined with an organic binder and water
can be manipulated like clay. When fired in a kiln or with
a torch the binder is burned away leaving the
metal in solid form. It can be sculpted, cast and
textured to create beautiful fine jewelry.
This is the perfect medium for the novice
and professional alike.

Project Saturday
June 23rd- 11am - ?
Printing without a press