Sunday, August 23, 2009

what happen to August....?

Well we have been busy....Carol has been teaching at the ART CLINIC and for Arts Outreach....and doing shows at Shell Beach and La Arcada. She did manage to fit in some trips to San Fran and San Diego areas. We had a fun time at the Art from Scrap Assemblage show in Santa Barbara. I have been teaching my fantastic students some acrylic classes and did a show at La Arcada and was on board at First Thursday at Santa Barbara Arts. But I have been sneaking off to the beach when I can. It really recharges my batteries. But now Carol and I are gearing up for more classes and fun going-ons for the fall. So stay tuned...

This is the final assignment for one of my continuing students, Jo. She has taken it to a new level of excitement on her own. I just love these pieces!