Sunday, March 25, 2007

Metal Clay Workshop

These are the pieces that were made by some of the workshop members of the last Metal Clay class on March 10, 2007. I apologize for the poor photos. the Silver needs the correct lighting ect... But, you can still get an idea of what you could do in one workshop. We always have a lot of fun and people go home with some great silver pieces to wear or stuff in their walls for safe keeping. (remember the book, The Good Earth?) Rings for Fred
Joan made a magnolia blossom for her mother's 90th b-day as well as earrings and a pocket salamander for herself.
Barbara made a box ( the one with the heart) and a few charms.
Anne made a bunch of beads and charms, as did Penny(below)

Not bad for a days work!!! Next class is coming up April 14, 2007 so sign up soon as Carol needs to order clay.

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